Our Approach - Trades on Tap

We started as a building company in 1990's and after interest rates caused all our best trades to leave we began focusing on more regular renovation and maintenance work. We found most of our clients were Real Estate Agents or Body Corporate Managers who were short on time, over-worked, and constantly being let down by trades that either billed too high and/or took too long to quote and complete the job.

Since then we have continued to listen to our clients and adapt our services in a way that helps them succeed. Secure, prompt,comparative quotes within 24hrs of the additionl s3 arms length competitive quotes within 24hrs of the initial request.

  1. Fixed Price and Completion times. (Renovation work over $10k is not included)
  2. Provides photo/video evidence and a detailed report of the work completed so you and your clients will have a detailed record

So why do other trades offer to quote jobs that you will be competing on?

Working ONLY with honest professional trade teams means that we rarely charge more than cost plus 10-15% margin so our prices are often very similar. Occasionally we find a job where one trade has quoted using lower cost materials and a less expensive labour giving them a price advantage.

We do offer to match quotes but not from trades within our alliance network unless they give permission when the job may be too large for their staff.

This simple model of not overcapitalising and limiting our network to 3 of each trade ensures everyone enough work. Our clients benefit via less follow up calls, can discreetly bill additional fee revenue, their clients are happy to pay fair value for quality work that increases depreciation and resale value.


Large Renovation & Commercial Construction

With over 90 years of experience in construction and development, we’ve established ourselves as a leader in the Australian commercial and industrial sector, developing approximately 200,000 sqm annually and working with a diverse range of clients including Coles, Woolworths, Electrolux, Toyota, LG and more.

1. We make things simpler.
Our success is due in part to our customer-driven business model. Based on an integrated construction platform, it allows us to simplify the complex building process and deliver considerable advantages to our clients including efficient and flexible updates throughout the project and a complete design and construct service, so you’ll only have to deal with one company – us.

2. We’ve got the experts.
To support and enhance our business model, our in-house expertise includes architectural and design teams, estimators, project managers, civil, infrastructure and authorities managers, legal and finance staff and more. Working closely with our dedicated business development teams, all these levels of expertise allow us to minimise delays and provide complete solutions from design to occupation, across all property-related construction and development activities. 

Where we're unable to advise, we’ll work with external consultants on a needs basis to ensure all your requirements are met.

3. We understand risk management.
Our long-time involvement in the industry affords us an in-depth understanding of the market and all the inherent risks that come with the property development business. Hence it’s part of our normal working processes to continually managing and mitigating risks to ensure successful outcomes.

4. We’re here to add value.
Beyond the development, we make it our top priority to deliver value for you.

5. We can help beyond the build.
Additionally, we can provide a secure record of all audio and visual data, document imaging, emails, contracts, invoices, purchase orders, variations, and endless others. We back up all our client data daily to servers here in Brisbane, a second redundancy server in Melbourne, and a Data Centre built and managed by Google in Pheonix Arizona USA. We used Grace Document Storage for hard copy and original tax archives and can provide direct assistance at cost or email the link for the online copies of the archive to any accountant/CFO or any authorised company officer.