Acquisition Scoping


Whether you're looking to upgrade a small backup power generation system or at the most expensive commercial development and construction project you've ever undertaken.

We can deliver answers to the four 'hows' that really matter.


The Four Hows

How much?

How secure?

How long til exit?

How much profit?


Our team of valuers, quantity surveyors, estimators, architects, town planners, builders, and market analysts deliver your highest and best use/outcome recommendations paired with a bank-grade Feasibility and Project Management Plan.


Bank-Grade Pre-Sale Contracts

Our Project Marketing team can deliver traditional market and price point indicators along with buyer profiles and signed expressions of interest. However we've worked hard to build a team and network of partners to be able to deliver off the plan 50-100% of stock contracted pre-sales and/or signed residential or commercial leasing agreements and management rights contracts. all represent a major value add to any project competing in today's market.

Obviously, each project we agree to partner on must meet our min requirement of 21% IRR, not be priced above valuation, and must be located within our geographic zones of within 100km of a capital city in Australia.

Warren Buffett and many similarly wise investors have said "you make your money when you buy" and to "always make sure you are investing from a position of safety".

There are a ton of PM companies that can help you prepare an acquisition feasibility and scoping study but it's their collective expertise and creativity that determines what they recommend as your "highest and best use" project outcomes.

This unique combination of demonstrating your highest and best site use, Bank-Grade Feasibility and Project Management Plan COMBINED with contracted pre-sales allows you to deliver the Acquisition Phase answers all capital funders, banks, and shareholders want to know:

how much?
how secure?
how long til exit?
how much profit?


Price Guide

From Small Lot Developments/Renovation Scoping @ $1,100 up to Master Planned Mixed Use Residential and Commerical Estates $22,000-25,000

Presale Marketing charged at flat 2.5% of price point payable on settlement.

Project Management Magic


Most of our clients already have a full project team. If you believe you couldn't possibly improve either your people, suppliers, or overall return on investment if you had more time or expertise to help you than we probably don't need to meet.

Some clients only need minor adjustments. We can 'cherry pick' specific trades or consultants to obtain tested, market pricing and performance capability. We simply charge a 10% of first contract value placement fee and that's it.


Project Ready Procurement Plan

If it has been a while since you've tested the market we specialize in tracking the most in demand suppliers, staff, consultants, and contractors to give you not just a competitive quote review.

We deliver a Project Ready Design, Develop, Construct Procurement Plan. It utilizes a basic set of drawings and site docs to outline the top 3 material supplier quotes for your most recent (or desired) specifications, curated profiles of staff, trades, and consultants that have all confirmed in writing that they are ready to sign on and step in giving you access to the best the market can offer.

All industry standard contracts (to let), staff contracts (casual or full time), or customised supplier/contractor quotes and purchase orders are included and matched to both the Feasibility, Project Management Budget and Project Completion Timeline.


Project Partner Compliance Agreement - PPCA

Once you decide your final team we ask each team member to sign our Project Partner Compliance Agreement (PPCA). This legally binding addition to their engagement agreement/contract provides you solid legal, financial, quality guarantees, time to complete commitments and necessary OHS & PPE obligation confirmations.

This small addition has delivered our clients millions in faster completions, reduced holding costs, minimal or no delays or site disputes. It's just the start of the magic.

Pricing depends on project size but ranges from $5000-17000 for usual clients who just use this service.


Project Insight - the next level 

Project Insight is our technology-based project management kit designed to build on the obligations agreed to in the Project Partner Compliance Agreement and ensure all hidden value and time savings are instantly unlocked each day with a few simple tools and one 5 line email.

Project Insight finds hidden value by holding all suppliers and team members accountable daily for their tracking or real work completed vs work forecast to be completed on their PPCA schedule, work quality guarantee confirmation, and self-suggested improvements or suggestions can be sent via email (with photo or videos if needed).

Finding Your Hidden Cash


Project Insight

What is it and where's my cash?

Project Insight is firstly an app you can download to your smartphone or PC/Mac OS. We cost installation and full project partnership between $10,000-$54,000 per site. Client's have seen more than 10x our fees returned in reduced holding costs, eliminated disputes, better pricing and performance across staff, trades, suppliers, and the whole project.

It combines a set of remote cameras recording site, channel tuned two-way radios carried by each crew manager to improve speed of delivery/trade change overs, and to save time walking back to the site office if a basic question needs to be answered.

Add access to site shared iPads allowing photo/video uploads and email for team members who don't have a smartphone. Smart cards are issued to each team member as part of onboarding to tap in and out of site each day tracking adherence for wage/salary staff and oversight on all other site attendees to report anything from productivity to a headcount in case of emergency evacuation.

Each staffer, consultant, or contractor/trade crew manager is also required to complete a simple 5 question email form. The email arrives in their inbox at 10am each day til completion. The reply is due back before 5pm as per the PPCA obligations. The form asks them to update their progress against their original forecast, confirm no quality issues, tick if OHS compliant, and comment on any suggestions or concerns they may have.

The Site Supervisor is responsible for completing the email form confirming exactly which Supplier/s delivered what materials etc.

The data from these emails is collated into an automatic Project Insight Reality Report.

It simply highlights everyone on time (green), at risk of delay (amber/orange), and behind schedule (red). Red requires them to immediately show cause in writing/email to the Site Supervisor as to what issues they are facing and how soon they will be back on schedule via what plan.

Should the Site Supervisor decide the proposed plan is unsatisfactory he can email our team immediately to confirm a capable replacement can be contracted to take over and the cost will stay within budget. Once availability and contracts are signed for the new replacement the contract breached team member/s are issued a letter of summary dismissal under the provisions of their contract and the Project Partner Compliance Agreement. Financial penalties and claw-back entitlements can then be pursued by the administration. This same process is similarly mirrored for material issues and suppliers.




PPM Business Model

Bottom Line Impact

1. We make things simpler.

2. We’ve got the experts.

3. We understand risk, 100% mitigation, and contingency protection.

4. We’re here to add value.

5. We help beyond the build and installations.

Looking to get started? Need a second opinion? Contact us to speak to one of our Project Specialists today.

Treat us like a buffet

We tell all prospective clients we discuss partnering with that Project Management consulting and contracting is part science and part art. We understand that you might only need a small slice of our overall capabilities as it may be less expensive and add more value for you to do the work in-house yourself. Even after we've started you can cancel any part or all of our services with a quick email or phone call. We're in this for the long run. So go ahead eat what you like and throw the rest aside!